Web publications that impress

PublishSoSimply is a digital publishing platform, letting the content marketers create neat-looking,
interactive and responsive digital content

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Creative reports

Visualize your data with interactive charts and infographics, enrich the presented information with photos, texts, videos and send to your business partners as a link.

Clean white papers

Choose one of our templates or create your own. With the use of a simple editor you don’t have to think about technical issues. Focus on the knowledge you want to share.

"How to" Guides

"How to" guides are something that your clients need. But they don’t need yet another batch of heavy files to store. Create web publications and embed them within your website.

Digital Brochures

It’s time to replace your printed folder with an impressive web brochure that you can fill with videos, maps and SlideShare presentations.

Online Magazines

Turn your most interesting articles/blog posts into a fancy looking online magazine that your audience can read on all mobile devices.

And more

Offers, presentations, ebooks, case studies, all the content that, so far, you used to prepare in PDFs.

Take your content marketing to the next level

Are you a publisher of branded content? Do you create reports, white papers, guides? Don’t you feel that current publishing technologies are not catching up?

You’re in a good place.

PublishSoSimply helps you take your content marketing to the next level. Not only will our platform let you create outstanding, interactive publications, but it is also going to make it possible for you to observe and understand your target audience. It will let you enhance your content and improve the conversion rate.

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